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holdem_bettingThere are a lot of gamling games played all over the world like blackjack online or roulette and many different forms of holdem. Of these types, three of them are the highly popular types of holem with standard limit being the most popular followed by others like pot-limit holdem and no-limit type of holdem. But, there are several others that are steadily become more popular, one such being the progressive limit type of holdem that are now being played in some of the casinos in the Midwest and Atlantic City.

The betting differs in different forms of holdem with some types seeing increasing value of hands while some seeing the value decreasing. If you refer to poker books, you will mostly see advice related to standard limit holdem poker that will not hold water if you are playing other forms of poker. So, even though these tips might help you if you are playing standard limit, you might totally goof up if you are playing some other form of poker. So, let us see how you need to alter your strategy and betting when it comes to other forms of poker.

Modified Limit Holdem (Fixed Limit Holdem)

Here there is a maximum bidding limit and is generally small stakes are used to play this game. But, this type of game is very binding for players who are serious about their game as the stakes are small and limited. So, use of techniques like bluffing or the purchase of free cards cannot be employed freely. All that one needs to do is show their hand at the end of the game and the person with the best of hands will win the game. In this form of poker, it is very common to see many players continuing right up to the river as bad play is not subject to any problems. This game is not for serious purposes and is generally played by people mainly for recreation purposes. In this type, you get to be able to play on more games than while playing the standard holdem type of poker.

Progressive Limit Holdem

This will feature betting that progresses as the game progresses (for example, $5-10-15, or $5-10-15-20, or $1-4-8-8). This type works well for people who are serious about playing poker. In this type, skilled players can get weak players as it gets to the street and it might get tough for them to play in comparison to standard limit holdem. Also, the bet goes up at the end making way for more opportunities to bluff. Offensive players get an upper hand than defensive players in this type of poker. In this type, hands like big pairs or connectors of high value have better value than in standard limit type.

Standard Limit Holdem

This type uses a two tier type of betting like for example, $10-10-20-20. This is by far the most popular type of poker. In this type, players need to follow the pot odds to help them win but many are of the opinion that skilled players cannot enjoy this type of poker too much. But, for those who are new to the game and want to learn it using a easily comprehensible betting method, this form of poker is the best.

Spread Limit Holdem

In this type, there are no fixed limits on the betting and players will bet in between a given range at any amount they want. In this type, skilful players will rely heavily on understanding the type of hand a player has depending on the amount they bet. Weak players will try to bet hard when they have a strong hand. So, in order to avoid getting caught, it is better you bet maximum on all rounds except the first round.

Pot Limit Holdem

This type has a bet limit equivalent to the chips in the pot. Even though the betting odds and blinds might be very less, the betting can go up at very high scales often into the tune of thousands of dollars causing maximum damage even with one bad hand. But, here the hands are not important as understanding the way the others play and knowing their strengths and weaknesses.

Modified Pot Limit Holdem

Even though it is similar to pot limit type, the difference is that there is a maximum limit on the betting allowing players to not get traumatized with a single bad hand. This is also a great game to play for people who are wishing to get into big time betting like pot limit poker. In this type, as the maximum limits are fixed, players do not resort to powerful bluffing while people playing weak hands are more likely to continue than in the pot-limit type.

No-Limit Holdem

In this type, there are absolutely no ranges or limits on what you can bet. This type is generally more employed in a championship game. Here the blind size is considered vital. But, this is very different from limit type of holdem and there are hardly any players who are proficient in both the types of poker.

As we have seen, there are various types of holdem and the strategy that needs to be used in different forms differs according the type of betting. So, what suits one type does not suit the other. Play safe and remember about gambling addiction.

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