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Casino gambling first started in New York, U.S. with a gambling machine and the modern era of the slot machines. There were many players who came to these casinos just to play the slots. These machines became so popular that it was installed in almost every casino of New York. All the player had to do was put a coin in the slot machine and pull the lever. This would draw a pattern that would either be a winning combination or people would lose their money. There is no direct way to play the slots through the Internet. You have to register before playing online and deposit a start-up amount. People who love to gamble, will play slots whenever they get a chance. Similarly, when people started playing slots they would wholly depend on the jackpot prize. Sometimes the prize money would be decided on the basis of number of playing slots at a time. If the turnout of people is good, it meant bigger jackpot prize.

The first free slots machine was invented in 1887 depending on the poker card based game. Learn more It was impossible to part people from this machine as it became an instant hit at that time. There were symbol combinations which are declared as the winning combination. But, even if one of the symbols does not match, the combination is not valid and the player loses the game. People found this as a huge success and a slot machine were thriving in few years itself. But as people became addicted to the machines, more people lost heavy sums of money. There were other gambling devices which kept people at hook for some time, but people installed many stores, saloons, bowling alleys, barber shops and brothels. Slot machines have become a rage at that time. There were many cities in New York, which had opened multiple slots are various other places and all very getting huge profits out of it. These machines were also later banned in the court and players had nothing to indulge themselves in. This free slots machine made people gamble on their property and assets and they lost eventually. There were multiple scams which were recorded at that particular time.

In late 1960’s, there were electronic slots introduced which were named as Money Honey. These machines were built on the principle of electromechanical theory and thus became the first machine with an automatic payout of several hundred coins and this would be done without anybody’s help.

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