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In poker there is a huge difference when it comes to calculations based on using simple math logic and based on a person’s skill. It is a common mistake that many poker players commit to and this causes a huge difference between winning and losing in a game.

Let us now see an example to help us understand this better. Two people playing the same kind of situation will make different kinds of profit. For example, a person playing the particular situation in the best possible manner will make about $25 while another will make about $75 in a similar situation. But, how is this possible? Let us analyze this further.


So, mathematically thinking this would not make any sense as to why even though the person is playing the best he is making far less than the other person playing the same kind of situation. This is possible because lot counts more than just mathematically calculation of the situation. There are other factors like the person’s age, sex, the credibility as a player, capacity to bluff and get away with it, the moods of the opponents, etc. One illustration to this would be a woman of say about 60 is more likely to call a bluff easily than a hot, talkative guy of about 25.

So, as we have se en, age and sex of the person will carry some weight to enable them to succeed better than others. Such conditionality is missing in blackjack online. These are factors not under the person’s control. But, there is something that you can learn to control to help you improve your chances of making more money than what you would have been doing earlier. This is by improving your Execution. Let us understand how.

Let us imagine a scenario wherein you are playing your opponent and both have realized that the best way to improve your chances of a win is by bluffing. You have inferred that your opponent is not having worthy cards but your cards are even worse. The best way to try this situation is by bluffing.

Suppose this is the scenario where we are talking where one person is making $25 while the other is making much more. This is because the other has more skills in his kitty. One such ability is the capacities to give out a reverse tell. Opponents often try to read the others through mannerisms and body language or through their speech. This is often reversed by using a reverse tell and tricking the opponents. This can be made use as a special skill to improve the chances of a higher win when the situation arises.

When you are analyzing mathematically, you can only tell that the person is bluffing and realizing the necessity to bluff. But, executing the bluff is a skill that has to be learnt and performed well to trick the others into believing.

Bluffing will have little weight if you only believe that this is the right way to go in the particular situation. You should also be doing a lot of strategic planning to enable you to sell the bluff to your opponents. Only if your opponents believe that you are not bluffing when you are, you will succeed better. So, you should hone on improving your skills. Once you have learnt on what you need to do in a particular situation to improve your chances of winning, then you can begin on practicing on your skills to improve the chances of winning a lot. You can use reverse tells with your speech, while being silent, the way you look in some direction or by just looking at your opponents. Whatever you do, you need to do it well and with the right timing to make it sell.

It is true that many factors will help some people in situations like this but only these factors will not help in getting a lot more extra. Also, what works once may not be of much use in another similar situation, so you should have a variety of tricks up your sleeve. Well, all those tricks are shared by the participants of poker forum where some info about gambling addiction and how to deal with it are discussed.

As you have seen, even though mathematically the profitability of two people playing their best in a given situation should be the same, it is however not true, because of added skills like execution that is necessary. While only great execution will not make the player very good, good players usually have inculcated the art of good execution.

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